How did we come up with the idea for MemberScroll?

We go to an independent gym owned & operated by a single person. He is great at what he does and even offers personal training for free with membership.

But he was struggling to keep track of who paid, how much revenue he made a month and how many active members he had at any given moment. It was hard because he was using notebooks to manage all this.

The data of all the members and memberships were spread across 12 notebooks 😵 We asked him why didn’t he look for software to manage all this? His response led to the creation of MemberScroll. There were a lot of options but he didn’t want to use any of them because they all were too overwhelming for him.

The problem is all gym softwares are tailored for big gyms with employees, store, multiple classes etc. From our cold calls & research, we found out that all the small gyms we reached out were using notebooks to manage their memberships.

A small independent gym owner needs something simple, something that is not bloated with inventory management, POS integration, bookings, payments etc. A way to manage their members. That’s it. That’s why we made MemberScroll.

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